Our Team



Founder and CEO

Daray Olaleye, founder of Urbane Wealth LLC, has strong experience in Real Estate both on the corporate side and on the investing side controlling 3.5 million in Real Estate assets while transacting multiple millions in sold deals every year. Daray has an extensive investor centric background helping countless others acquire multi-million dollar portfolios and outsized returns.

He is a former Big 4 accountant and has audited some of the biggest names in Real Estate - from billion dollar investment firms, reality firms and asset management firms. After Big 4, to gain finance experience, Daray went to consult for a 26 Billion dollar fund manager and analyzed complex investments for the benefit of the funds investors.

Daray is also the founder of the Before the Millions educational and coaching company - spanning its reach to to over 100+ countries worldwide. This platforms mission is to help every day professionals become savvy investors and create a lifestyle business.


Board Member

Joe Fairless controls over $1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) worth of real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.

Joe is currently the host of the longest running daily real estate podcast, “The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever,” which generates almost 300,000 monthly downloads.

He is also on the Alumni Advisory Board for Texas Tech University and the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement in Cincinnati.



Board Member

Linda is known as the "Queen of Foreclosure" and currently serves as the President of the Realty Investment Club of Houston (RICH).

She is a principal in Alamo REIA and Past President of the National Real Estate Investors Association. Linda has been investing in real estate and helping others to do so for over 15 years.

Together, with her husband, Leo, they make an unstoppable tandem with complimentary skills and their organization is the leading investment club in Houston.