How Does Lease To Purchase (Rent To Own) Work?

Approximately 82% TODAY'S buyers market cannot qualify for financing and typically would need to improve their credit over time to do so. Alternatively, there are other buyers with good credit are looking for a way to buy now while they save instead of renting while they save. In this video we explain:

  • What Rent to Own is
  • Who our program is a fit for
  • What the down payment is
  • What are next steps


What Separates Urbane Wealth?

We are not Realtors who are selling someone else’s homes, bankers or loan brokers who get paid to find you a loan. We are actually the owner of affordable homes available for purchase.

Since we own the homes, many times (depending on your circumstances) we are willing to finance all or part of the purchase ourselves or lease to own them to you. All general rules concerning credit, debt ratio and proof of income are thrown out the window. Thus, we can be very creative with the financing and structure it to fit your needs.


Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What if I'm unable to get my loan in before the lease is up?
  2. What expenses can I expect to pay when I rent to own?
  3. What if something physically happens to the home?

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